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Originally posted by c00ljim
check my previous post closely makc, it is NOT accepting me, it says user does not exist, even when i try to request a new pass, and list my email that i regged with, it still is NOT seeing me. thanks though, bro, i appreciate the fact that you are trying to help. obviously, someone from flash needs to step in at this point to rectify this particular problem.....this is what i get after i enter my VALID email address: This email address / username isn't in our database. Sorry.
As I remember "FlashFXP Registered User" notice is connected some how with user database. So if it is realy so, than your registration entry is already in database. If it "FlashFXP Registered User" checks only sequence of serial number, than I think you have to wait some time or to write to

About database I may be wrong because in forum we use FlashFXP ID:
For priority support please enter your FlashFXP ID. Your FlashFXP ID is located in the about box.Please use the following format XXX-XXXX-XXX
If you don't have a FlashFXP ID please leave this field blank.

So maybe its sequence is only checked!
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