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Well that's the whole point of "Crash Recovery"!

When my computer starts back up, I wish to see the problem queue and restart it. If I didn't load it on Startup, then I often forget to restart my transfers.

I don't use it just when Windows crashes; I also use it when I perform a manual reboot half way through a transfer.

However, I have since tried it without the -tray, and on the several times I have rebooted it seems to be working great. Just thought it would be nice to have the Crash Recovery mode on Startup; alas BigStar has no plans for this.

I do install a lot of programs, and run a lot at the same time as well. The longest uptime I have had is about 4 days, by which time I need to reboot my machine for an installation of some sort or another.

Mathematically, assuming that Linkster had XP since the release date, he has only rebooted XP about 2 or 3 times...! I envy you
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