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Default Crash Recovery does not work on Windows Startup

Firstly, I have a purchased version of FlashFXP (so it ISN'T cracked).

I have configured FlashFXP to load on Startup so that should Windows crash, once rebooted FlashFXP will load and display the recovered queue, so that I can then re-start the transfer.

However, this does not work. It loads up Flash as normal; but with no Crash Recovery. This is the same even if I add the command-line parameters for it to load in the tray: -tray .

I do have Crash Recovery turned on, and anytime I load up Flash manually, the Crash Recovery works great.

I am running Windows XP Pro, and Flash is run from the All Users Startup folder.

If a fix is implemented, I would like to request that when using the -tray parameters, the Crash Recovery screen will be on the desktop, even though Flash is in the tray. This way one can resume their transfers immediately upon rebooting.

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