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I contacted ZA a few times over a couple months but they never got back to me.

I downloaded a copy of ZA trial and performed some of my own tests, Surprising I was unable to reproduce any of the problems I've seen people report. I had ZA installed for about a week. In that time I encountered two random reboots, I suspected ZA caused the reboots because up until then I never had this problem. Since removing ZA from my system I have not had a random reboot.

I suspect the problem is with ZA and the people at ZA will need to solve it on there end. They can download FlashFXP from our website to perform the testing.

Since I was not able to reproduce the problem, it's very possible that they aren't able to reproduce it either.

In another thread someone suggested "Winsock XP Fix 1.2" and that has appeared to resolve their problems, I don't know if this is the answer for everyone but you might want to try it. I found the following site where it can be downloaded
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