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"After doing some investigating online in other forums, one reason for my odd Flash FXP behaviour MAY be ZoneAlarm Security Suite."

Yes this does seem to be the case. But from my reading it's all ZoneAlarm users who are seeing this. ZoneLabs is supposedly in contact with one of the FlashFXP developers - actually I think it may have been one of the forum mods here they are in contact with. Just went and re-read my email.

I can say my experience has been this. I'm running the latest version of ZASS ( clean install ). I've tried the last 2 FlashFXP betas - which I thought stated they included a fix for the hang issue. Neither version of either product are playing nice together at this time. Every time I try to upload anything. The upload hangs at around the 9 or 10% mark.

Instead of repeating my thoughts on all this. I'll just link my blog post on the subject

That post includes a link back to this thread.
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