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Tom Veil
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I am having the exact same problem as this. Same build # but now when I uninstall and try an earlier build the problem is the same.
Usually when uploading, the file gets to about 7% then Flash FXP hangs. CPU usage is 100% and I get the usual 'white title bars' and cant toggle between programs.
The file is still being uploaded but to me it looks like the program has crashed.
Usually have to end program using the task manager and a few times in that I have seen FlashFXP listed twice.

Originally posted by snorkpants
I'm having a similar problem that is possibly related

I am using 3.0.2 build 1045

I have noticed the crash/hang problem and kept killing the process via windows task manager. I then left the wtm open and restarted my upload. I then noticed the cpu usage and mem usage creeping up. When the cpu got to 99% it appeared that the app hand indeed hung although data was still being uploaded. I left it and the file(s) completed.

Another thing I noticed was that the cpu and mem usage dropped back again when the next file started.

Have you noticed this with your problem? Could it be some sort of caching prob?


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