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Default FlashFXP crashing/hanging


I've been a FlashFXP user for some years. Since yesterday I have had FlashFXP randomly crash. The program stops responding and it needs to be End Tasked. This occurs at a random time while uploading or downloading.

I have tried reinstalling v3.0.2 and an older v2.1 with the same problems.

The log files don't show anything they just show the transfer starting.

I have removed all firewalls and antivirus software temporarily to test.

I appreciate that the problem looks like it may be outside of FlashFXP but does anyone have any suggestions?

FlashFXP v3.0.2 Build 1045 Registered
WinXP Pro SP2
No NAT, but behind router (although I've tried sites either site of the router)
Firewall is off, there is a site firewall, but internal transfers fail to.
Antivirus McAfee TVD8i, but I have tried with this uninstalled also.
Network 100mbit connection

FTP Server, various, internally we use BulletProof FTPd v2.x

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