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Default Flashfxp with socks bug

The bug Is:
As flashfxp connected to the socks(sock4 or sock5),and the socks connected to the remote ftp server and returns the banner to flashfxp(the banner is usually 220 XXXXXX Is ready),but flashfxp sends nothing back to the sock after then(I sniffer the package,and sure flashfxp does receive the banner,and it should send USER YYYY to login,but it doesn't).

This only happens the banner is only one line,if the banner is over one line such as "220- XXXXXX is ready\r\n220 please dont' using more than 2 threads to connect\r\n",flashfxp will work fine.
I do test this with all flashfxp 3.0 Versions,cuteftp,ws_ftp as well.
only flashfxp has that problem,so it won't be the socks problem.
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