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Default Slow ftp traffice with Winxp SP2 installed

OK not sure if this has been asked b4 but I can not find any topic on it, so here goes.

Is anybody experiencing slow ftp transfers with Windows XP SP2 and Flash fxp v3.0.2 biuld 1045.

I have tried the following. By the way my connection is a 1.5m/b which can carry 160k so I use that as max data.

I have installed the following and tested.

Windows XP no SP speed 160k
Windows XP SP1 speed 160k
Windows XP SP2 speed drops to max 105k
Windows MCE SP2 speed drops to max 105k.

So my theory is that SP2 is some how hampering the transfers of files or flashfxp is not 100% compatable with SP2 from M$.

My details are below.
Flashfxp v3.0.2 buils 1045 registered
OS Windows XP SP1 so I have fll speed
Running behind NAT/router, Netgear DG 834
Software Firewall no
Antivirus yes, NAV Corp v9 sp2 compat, this was running on all builds above.
Networrk is ADSL

I do not have the logs from the ftp servers but this has been expereienced by many users in my relm.

Any help on this would be greatly welcome.
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