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Unhappy Some Nasty Bugs...

I am sorry, but I really do not know how to reproduce them now. I'll let you know the exact steps once I figure them out. However, the rough explanation is as follows:

1. Two Gene6 FTP server, and FXP files from one to another, file names are [$prefix][$sequential_number] (eg.,, etc.).

After some time I discovered due to some network problem, several files are marked "Failed", for instance,, and the preceding file is sucessfully transferred.

So I stop the FXP process, and reset the flag for and start the transferring process again.

What I discovered is in the status window it shows:


but the file is dequeued from the queue list

2. Gene6 FTP server again, this time I am happily transferring the file, and suddenly I discovered something more weird:

Source FTP says [L] 226 File sent ok. Thus FlashFXP is waiting for [R] 226 File received ok to complete the FXP action. For a long time there is no [R] 226 File received ok response, and somehow(magically) FXP continues, and in a sudden [R] 226 File received ok pops in, and the current FXP proceduce is considered done, with a speed 100MBytes/s, which is impossible, and due to the error, the second file was not completed at at.

Hope I have made some sense.

Happy New Year and Regards,
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