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Default FlashFXP limitation to ~410 kb/s ???


I have a really weird problem : when i download anything on FlashFXP (tested Linux ISO, .gz, etc...) my speed seems to be "locked" @ 410-420 kb/s

You can say "hmm maybe your DSL line cannot do more or the ftp is slow or you set download limitation in FlashFXP"
And i will answer "NO !!!"

Because i tested many things :
- Downloading with an other FTP Client : more than 600 kb/s for the same file & FTP (tested with 2 ftp/file) !!
- Modify some settings (include speed limitation) : same problem
- Reinstallating FlashFXP on an other directory to keep all default settings : same problem

Really incredible problem
Please help, i am new registered user and FlashFXP doesnt work as i wanted

* FlashFXP v3.02, build 1045, registered
* OS : WinXP Pro
* Running behind NAT/router [Yes] & Model [BEWAN 600]
* Running firewall [No]
* Running Antivirus [No]
* Network [xDSL 8 mb]
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