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He was on his profile (since he has admin rights) and was installing it remotely on my machine. The install was successful, but once he started the program it would crash (had some long negative interger shown in the status box really fast and then the program would crash). I think it was because he was on his user profile and installed it to mine and was trying to run it from his to test it. Anyways, he logged out, I logged in where the license was installed and the program started fine (no crashing), I registered the program and all with FlashFXP is well (except for the site manager issue).

You may be right about how it is trying to write to a non-existing directory, however, even if they re-install it I think I will get the same problem. Unless of course IT temporarily gives me admin rights to install the program myself, however, they don't like to do that, plus that shouldn't be necessary (they install all software this way).
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