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Default Firewall Problems


I have tried all options in menu connections to configure my firewall. But I always get the following error if I connect a ftp site outsite the corporate LAN.

[R] Unable to resolve host:
[R] Delaying for 120 seconds before reconnect attempt #1

If I directly login into the firewall it works and I get some messages like

[R] 230- You are authorized as firewall user "xyz".
[R] 230- Depending upon your ftp client, use either the 'user' or
[R] 230- 'quote site' command. Specify the remote user and destination
[R] 230- with the 'user' command
[R] 230- eg: user <remoteuser>@<remotehost>
[R] 230- Specify your remote destination using the 'site' command
[R] 230- eg: quote site <remotehost>

Any ideas?
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