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Default Flashfxp Not Using Pasv Ip But Real Ip

here's what i have when connection to a drftpd server with flashfxp 3 and starting a transfer :

[L] PRET RETR de_grote_boze_wolf.wmv
[L] 200 OK, will use Gogo2000 for upcoming transfer
[L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (172,210,XXX,XXX,247,148).
[L] Opening data connection IP: 212.254.XXX.XXX PORT: 63380
[L] Data Socket Error: Connection refused

PASV replies 172,210,XXX,XXX, but flashfxp uses 212.254.XXX.XXX (wich is the real server ip address)

i didn't check the "Site use ip masq/nat..." in the site option.

for info :
-drftp uses PRET so maybe this is a related bug
-the computer from wich i'm connecting is NATed but this shouldn't involve (i think)
-i don't use proxy

so if you have clues..
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