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Originally posted by bigstar
I'm wondering if the end result is going to confuse the user.
Isn´t it more confusing right now ? Ascii files are shown as different, no matter if they are identical or different. So users can´t rely on the results of the comparison cause they are wrong....... from a certain point of view . I would consider this beeing a bug, even if it is not a coding but a scenario problem.

After all the logical conclusion would be to exclude ascii from "Name & Size" comparison by default instead of adding an additional option.

[B]Maybe you could give me some examples of when and why you would use this.[B]
I would use it by default on every comparison to get rid of ascii files shown , because I use it most of the time to see if BIN downloads are complete, therefor i need the Name & Size option.

BTW: an option to exclude skiplisted files would slow it down even more i guess ?
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