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Originally posted by virus_mouse
but if i click CLEAR QUEUE, wouldn't i delete the files in the list? i dont want to delete the files, i want use them later in other session. so this is why i ask for unload option. it is not about lazyness. maybe it is about the unknow things for me. so, if i save the queue witha given name by me, then clear the queue, wouldn't i delete als the files in the queue that i have given my own file name??

and what about 3 other suggestions?? are they going to be rejected as this one??
No, if you save the queue to a .fqf file, then use the clear queue command, it does not remove the items from the saved queue file. Just the same the items/queue is not altered even when the queue is transfered. Is it only the autosave queue files that are updated as you change the queue (transfer/remove/edit) for proper use with the restore queue feature.
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