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Default 4 suggestions for queue

i would prefere if i could do the next things with my queue

1. to unload a queue from an opened FlashFXP-screen or session ==> it is much easier to get rid off queue list opened in a session by unloading the queue list then closing the FlashFXP-session, and again opening new screen or session. so, just adding new submenu as UNLOAD QUEUE like it is now LOAD QUEUE

2. to copy the full link adres (including username and password) of the files in the queue list (left bottom quarter of the screen). when a queue is transfering and u have also other directories from that same site in your queue. if u want the link adres of that other directory, u have to stop your download (or queue), browse to the wanted directory and then copy the full adres of the link.

3. change LOAD QUEUE when already other queue list is opened. because if 1 queue list is open and i want to load other queue list, then these 2 lists get merged together. it would be more clear if i in the menu could read MERGE LIST or something like this. or second unload the first queue list and open the second list apart. thus no merging of the 2 different queue lists....or option or asking to choose to merge these 2 lists.

4. i am wondering how often is the queue list auto-saved? there is no option to choose for this. maybe i prefere to choose every 1 minute or even for every 15 seconds to auto-save my queue's, but someone else wants every 15 minutes. so, adding the option of auto-save of the queue list in the PREFERENCE (F6) would be very appriciated

well, this is it for now. maybe later i get more ideas
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