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Again, FlashFXP stays fully functional after even 30 days trial period. All you need to do is wait a little while after starting up the program, then everything is fine until you receive your key.

I can understand that people are getting pissed when they buy something, but they don't receive the key. These people should keep some things in mind though... a) The FlashFXP crew was *NOT* informed of the problems, blame PayPal ... b) there is no reason to get angry like this, things can always be sorted since you can prove that you have purchased the product (paypal confirmation page, credit card purchase information from your bank) c) If there is something wrong, you can expect help from the FlashFXP crew as fast as possible, their support is superior.

Just don't blame them, it's not their fault. When I purchased the product, PayPal actually was running (hehe) and I received the key within 20 seconds. Any questions?
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