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Please, accept our apology. For one, It will be Monday at the LATEST. We will try to get things "re-processed" before then, but PayPal...yes thats right PAYPAL is the one to blame here. We are very frustrated with their support and service. We do TONS of business with them, and this is the thanks we get.

1. We were never warned that paypal was doing an "upgrade" of their IPN system. In fact, they didn't even acknowledge a problem until the 24th, 2 days after they started upgrades.

2. It was not until the 23rd, when people started to report not receiving their keys that we even became aware of any problems. Paypal was processing the transactions normally, and returning NO ERRORS! The problem is their IPN system was returning empty data randomly.

3. This was initially very hard to track down, because some orders were being processed correctly, and others weren' just depended on the status of PayPal's system at the time...and like i said, no errors were being returned.

4. I'm sorry this happened at an inopportune time. Normally, we would have a problem like this fixed within hours...however with the holiday, many employees are out of town.

If you had purchased with a credit card (NOT PAYPAL, which we only accept because of its apparent popularity), your order would have been processed normally and instantly.

TECHNOLOGY IS NOT PERFECT. Why does everyone expect things to be perfect everytime they do ANYTHING on their computer? Things happen. When you are at walmart and the cash register is acting up, causing a big line, do you yell at the cashier telling them to FIX IT NOW!? have a little patience, and accept that technology is not perfect, but that the people behind it will do everything they can to rectify the situation.

We take pride in our product, and our service, and we will do everything in our power to rectify this situation as quickly as possible. FlashFXP has a 30 day trial period, with an additional 30 day grace period to make your purchase. You should have plenty of time to use the software while we work this out.

Again, thanks for your patience and understanding.

IniCom Networks, Inc.
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