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This might not be a "normal circumstance" for you, but for me it is! I've bought a product that was told to be delivered instantly upon purchase. I was not warned about the delay, nor did I get any information about it after the transaction was confirmed. First - after 4 hours and finding this forum, someone informs me about the situation upon request...! This is just not good customer service! How would you react if you was faced with this same treatment in a store?: After paying for a product, the clerk doesn't hand you your stuff - and when you ask for it you are told that the product can't be delivered until over the weekend due to server-problems or anything... you'd get pissed, right?

No, my copy of FlashFXP can't be used until I've got the reg-key because the 30-days trial period is out! I need to download some stuff and now I'll have to install another FTP client...

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