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Default Update drops it back into the evaluation version

I'm being charitable and assuming this is a bug and not a deliberate attempt by the company to force more money out of their customers. This is dishonest and quite frankly, disreputable if it is not a bug.

I opened FlashFXP to be told there was a minor update. I dutifully downloaded it. It then told me that since I was upgrading to the new version I would need to purchase a new key. It has thrown my previously working FlashFXP into an evaluation version that will expire in 29 days. I have no clue what version I was updating from but I have always had the auto-update feature turned on.

For the sake of argument, assume I had version 2 or whatever it was. If it was going to disable my product it should have said so BEFORE it applied the patch and given me the choice to NOT go down this path. Is there a solution to this or do I buy a different product from a better behaved company? By solution I don't mean wipe it, lose all my settings and reinstall the old version with the auto-update turned off. If I have to go to all that trouble and possibly recreate my settings I'll just do all that with a different product.
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