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Default Queued items disappear after disconnect

I have items queued and they are downloading, and my modem disconnects and reconnects. Often however FlashFXP fails to resume the file that was being downloaded, and just goes onto the next item (if there is one) - the item that was being downloaded just disappears from the queue.

For example:

[18:30:24] REST 6778880
[18:30:28] 350 Restarting at 6778880 - send STORE or RETRIEVE to initiate transfer.
[18:30:28] RETR A113.r34
[18:30:30] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for A113.r34 (10000000 bytes).
[18:46:46] Resumed: A113.r34 1,345,384 bytes in 16:14 (1.35 KB/Sec)
[18:46:46] Connection lost: xx
[18:46:47] Transferred 4 files totaling 17,999,592 bytes in 02:42:21 (1.84 KB/Sec)
[18:46:47] Attempting to Reconnect.

This file A113.r34 had not finished resuming yet it was removed from the queue. Why is this, and how can I avoid this?

I am using the latest version of FlashFXP.
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