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Default i m having the similar problem...

Hi there,

I am having a similar problem... I upgraded to v3.0.2 (build 1043)

I am using v3.0.2 (build 1043) i had earlier version of flashfxp installed on my pc i used to get to my max speed for my internet connection since i installed this new version i see major fluctuations in my bandwidth... My max b/w is 64 kB/sec and I used to get that in earlier version (very easily) and in new version it goes like ~23 kB/sec - ~50 kB/sec only it fluctuates between those speeds...
* FlashFXP v[3].[0.2 ], build [1043],[*]unregistered
* OS[*] WinXP SP2
* Running behind NAT/router [* ] No
* Running firewall[*] Yes, Name [Windows Intigrated] Ver. [Not sure]
* Running Antivirus[*] Yes, Name [Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition v9.0]
* Network[*] Cable-Lan (Connected to my isp through a Optic Cable which fits directly into a media converter kept at my home :P and through it to my lan card
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