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Default Please help, upgrade has ruined everything

I used to use FlashFXP.v2.1.924, I have win xp, and everything was fine, used to transfer to xbox at about 4meg a second.

I then upgraded to a trial version of 3.0.2 and it all went wrong, I could no longer send to my xbox, flashfxp used to lock although it did continue to send to the xbox at about 20kb per second.

I removed 3.0.2 and went back to the previous version and the problem was still there, I then tried to use I.E and that would lock too.

I then tried to send using my mates laptop using the old version to my xbox and it worked fine, the strange thing is that his laptop is on my network!

So, to me it looks like the upgrade has buggered some settings on my pc, but im just a novice and dont have a clue.

Please could someone help me with this and get my transfers up and running again.

Many thanks
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