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Kar Laeda
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s the ftp server properly configured to allow passive mode?
Yes it is.

Are you behind a router? If you are you need to forward the proper ports to use active mode.
The client is not behind a router altho, the server is, when i just connected to it this evening, had to ask a friend to open up ports 1200-1299 for me but then as i reconnected the port number in passive mode used went up to 1400, and i cannot allow those ports to be open as it is not my server.

Also set the port range in FlashFXP within your allowed incoming range.
Only found that option for active mode, is there one for passive? If there is can you point it out for me please?

Oh one more thing, i did connect and see all the folders succesfully until the passive mode started using ports for opening data connection beyond 1300.
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