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Originally posted by bigstar
I'm not quite sure how to explain your results. Even more so that 1044 works and 1045 doesn't. The changes that were made in 1045 have no relationship to the file exist rules or directly to the ftp engine.

Without seeing the complete ftp session log it would be extremely hard to make any determinations on exactly what went wrong.

When you used 1044 was it necessary to resume the file after the 4GB mark?

Perhaps the ftp server doesn't correctly handle resuming a download over 4GB from a position greater than 4GB.. This has been known to be true in the past with several ftp servers.

Having use the previous 1044 I have in past some downloads past the 4Gb zone without any problems or corruption.
During such session I can not recall any necessary resume involved (I think None).

There is simililarity with the latest already three (3) times re-downloadings with the DataBase binarys that I did the resume.

In the first case (corruption) I have made a three necessary stops and resume because the Server dropin 80% transfer speed and I have communicate with the owner inregard.

In the second case (1st re-download) the Server IP have some technical problems with transfer rate and force me to stop temporary (four times) to activate the resumes.

In the last case (2nd re-download) I have almost the same problem with the IP Server slowing after I reach past 4GB.

The most intrussions in the last three cases of force to resume took place after bondary pass the 4Gb zone.

I knows this Server as very good and speedy and works with the owner for long time in test and advice to make improvement.

My suspicious as you mention already is about the Server handling with the resume above the 4GB mark point.
It is very possible there is the Server problem with the resume or some other issue with the 1045 make such affect.

Anyway as I mention previously I turn for the FOUR time to Re-Download again but as the user of 1044 I convert to and start again as I type but the log I delete already at the beginning (sorry too late).

Not sure that the conversion I make back is the pure of the FlashFXP 1044 which shows under Help/About now.

The change I makes was just rename the extension of FlashFXP.exe (1045) in the root and copy the same from Backup directory which shows as 1044 ... that was all..

I have to mention that once roll-ups going till Server Error and stop.. in my configuration the fonts appearance getting lost of contrast and shows smaller and harder to read till full Re-Boot (I think the RAM just getting mees with).

Now about the Log.. I never keep any.. and just short after log-in I delete any and even after final before Shoot-down (it became my behavior from years) so I have nothing to introduce.

I just finish the FOUR Re-Download using the 1044 instant of 1045 and the Final come clean with small exception (No Resume Used).
On the final line when the last bite from queue lay down on my Hdrive.. the file in queue still left here and the Flashfxp doesn't sound that download is finish and stay like freeze til Server Time-Out and then in Log apear the correct msg.
Here is the copy of the scrap of Log left:

[15:45:07] Connection lost: Techno-Lab
[15:45:07] Transferred: Data.dbs 4,242,046,976 bytes in 16 hours 14 minutes 57 seconds (70.8 KB/s)
[15:45:07] Transfer queue completed
[15:45:07] Transferred 1 file totaling 4,242,046,976 bytes in 16 hours 17 minutes 8 seconds (70.8 KB/s)

Now after I Close the FlashFXP I find on the Computer Desk:
flashfxp.exe - Application Error

The instruction at "0x7c91e9c9" referenced memory at "0x01c40030".
The memory could not be "read".

Click on OK to terminate the program.


Hope it may Help to catch the trouble track?
Best regards..
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