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Default FlashFXP v3.0.2.1045 - Maintenance Release File Exist Option bug!

The FlashFXP v3.0.2.1045 - Maintenance Release have a BUG with the "File Exist Options".

'Use Global setting' (X)

The Global setting "Downloading":

Smaller = AutoResume - Same = AutoSkip - Larger = AutoSkip

(x) On Ask = wait 30 sec and then ovewrite
(x) Rollback = 4 kb on resume downloads
(x) Only resume file transfered in binary mode

I have a huge DataBase to download = 4,242,046,976 Mb
On the final finish line my download Shows = 4,294,836,224 Mb
The download discrepance = 52,789,248 Mb more then listed in queue - means that the "File Exist Options" doesn't work and roll-over without any reasons.

This happens with the same DataBase and size Three (3) times already with accurate the same results in size to the bite accuracy!

In regard to above and waste already 30hrs with downloading.. I badly need to step back and have use the FlashFXP v3.0.2 build 1044 which never cause such problems as I have at current and wonder how to do that?
The DataBase download is crucial and Term assign (my job)!
Best regards..
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