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Originally posted by bigstar
I have started work on the proxy manager for the next release of FlashFXP, I think this is the best solution, this way you only have to edit the proxy details once and all sites that use it are updated.
but what about the next wish...if i want to use different proxies for different ftp sie's. i mean i want to use for ftp site #1 proxy #3, and for ftp site #2 i want to use proxy #9. what about this? how can i configure that one? i think it would be much easier if u as user could choose between 2 options. one suggested by u, and the other option sugested by me. thus, can u implement that proxy-thing in 2 ways? 1st way ==> for all ftp sites together. 2nd way ==> for any ftp site its own proxy, so that u can configure every ftp site apart for every proxy. thus per proxy and per ftp site. this second option can be done in the proterties of the ftp site in the FAVORITE's (or SITE MANAGER F4).
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