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I had been running FlashFXP 3.0 (I forget what build) prior to my use of FlashFXP 3.0.2 build 1044.

I have noted registry entried, copied files, unistalled FlashFXP 3.0.2 build 1045, removed , reistalled FlashFXP 3.0.2 build 1045, edited the registry, used some files copied earlier. I now have FlashFXP 3.0.2 build 1045 usable with older settings quick connect entries and queues.

"Restore Queue" shows queues I used with FlashFXP 3.0 and FlashFXP 3.0.2 build 1044. However when I try to trasfer a queue that existed when I was using FlashFXP 3.0.2 build 1044, I recieve the following:
[01:20:41] Error: "[SITE GOES HERE]" not found in Site Manager
[01:20:42] [R] Unable to resolve host: [NMBER, SQUARE, SITE]
Where is site manager information stored?
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