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Default random ideas

1. the Local Browser (as opposed to the FTP browser) should be able to delete files. i'm well aware of the fact that files can be deleted through other means, but if you've highlighted certain files to upload, having to find / highlight them again can be an inconvenience.

2. FlashFXP ought to be able to create empty files (similar to how Windows lets people create empty text files) that people can rename to whatever they want, themselves, and fill it with whatever content they want. i, personally, would find this useful, if for no other reason than the fact that it would make the testing of php scripts on a webserver easier.

3. say you have a directory with a lot of files in it. so many, in fact, that you have to scroll down a good ways to view them all. now, say that one of those files can only be reached by scrolling down all the way. at this point, you can't drag the file into a folder. to fix this, what could be done is something similar to what atleast Windows XP does - where if you drag the file above the FTP browser, the window will scroll up, automatically.
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