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Sorry, I think I didn't explain myself clearly enough. The mouse driver does not cause the mouse to send any keyboard "simulations". The mouse does not cause any files/folders be be bolded/unbolded.

When I have a file highlighted using the spacebar (like it is supposed to do), the double-click button does not activate the remote browser when double clicking on a remote file/folder after being focused elsewhere (ie.: different application or local browser in FlashFXP). I have to focus on the remote pane first (by clicking an empty area in the pane) in order to double-click a file using the double-click button on the mouse.

I have not used spacebar highlighting for the last few days, and I haven't had any problems with this double-click-not-focusing-remote-pane issue

Clear as mud?

(NOTE: when I say "double-click", I refer to the button assigned to the "double-click" action, and not a manual two clicks with the left mouse button)
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