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Default Minor bug with remote browser w/ double-click preset button on Logitech mouse

Sorry for the long winded title

I have a Logitech mouse, for which I have the driver set to use the middle button (scrollwheel button) as double-click (one click on middle button = double-click on left button). When I do the following:

1.) Make the local browser active
2.) Double-click a folder/file in the remote browser (using the double-click button on the mouse, not double-clicking with the left mouse button)

If you double click a remote folder/file, FlashFXP will not open the folder/file. You have to click it again to open it. In other words, the first double-click simply made the remote browser active, and second double-click actually did what it was supposed to do (open the folder/file).

This is a bug in FlashFXP version 3.0 (1015). I know, I'm not using the latest version, so could you check if this bug still exists?
With FlashFXP v2.1, double-clicking (with the preset button) a remote folder/file while the local browser was active would automatically make the remote browser active and open the remote folder/file - in one shot.

I can tell you right off the bat that this is NOT a driver issue. I am using the SAME mouse with the SAME mouse driver version as I was using when I had FlashFXP v2.1 installed and this bug was non-existent in v2.1. This only began to happen when I started using FlashFXP v3.

I know, this is a minor bug, but it's driving me buts, because I used to double-click back and forth like this all the time
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