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The delay is a necessary evil under some circumstances, depending on the situation/ftp server the delay may not be needed.

It seems like you just have two sites that are bad canidates for the "send noop during transfer" so I have to ask myself, do you absolutely need to use this feature on those sites?

I have tested a wide range of ftp servers and there are many ftp servers that require this delay depending on the situation. The consequences of not delaying in some cases is not acceptable and can cause unpredictable results.

This was never a problem in the past simply because not alot of people were using this feature, as more and more people started using this option we started to see all of the complaints and issues.

One of the problems with glftpd is that it's hard to detect and determine if a ftp server is actually glftpd, if there was a simple way of determing a glftpd site then the delay could be minimized to a much shorter time.

There are 3 different delay values depending on the situation, in your case and with your glftpd servers your triggering the most extreme case where a delay of 10 seconds is applied to each server, a total of 20 seconds.

It might be possible to reduce the total delay down to 10 seconds combined for two problem sites, However I do not have an additional glftpd site for testing this idea. Can anyone provide me with one?
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