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So, next step:

I ran my FTP server on port 211, it worked!
So I put it back on 21, but then I used a telnet:
cwd upload
250 CWD command successful. "/upload" is current directory.
port 192,168,0,148,17,18
200 Port command successful.
stor temp.xls
150 Opening data connection for temp.xls.
226 File received ok.

how a telnet can work, the "PORT" command isn't modified, but with FlashFXP, the PORT command is modified...

BTW, I tryed also to desactivate a windows Service. I guess it's called "Firewall/Internet connexion sharing" in english. And then it worked!

I used the ICS some time ago, but I don't anymore... I desactivated it and it still doesn't work...

well, the main question is : why telnet works and flash FXP doesn't??

Thank you for your help
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