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Default FXP transfer fails

I noticed a strange behavior while FXPing.

* FlashFXP v 3.0.2 , build 1044, Evaluation version (will buy if this works...)
* OS : WinXP Pro SP2
* Running on a LAN
* No firewall
* No Antivirus
* Network : 100 Mbits/s
* FTP server(s) : BPFTP Server - other side unknown

IP configuration:
trying to FXP from (left side in flashFXP)
to : (right side)
(all write authorisation have been checked, servers allow FXPing)

when I transfer I have, in flashFXP logs:
[L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,112,196,29).
[R] PORT 192,168,0,112,196,29
[R] 200 Port command successful.
[R] STOR welcome.msg
[R] 150 Opening data connection for welcome.msg.
[L] RETR welcome.msg
[R] 425 Cannot open data connection (10060).

So I have the correct command:
[R] PORT 192,168,0,112,196,29
sent to the server, but when I check the FTP server logs, I see:
( > PORT 192,168,0,251,19,138

I check a lot of time, this is the same commande, same time, no doubt about that, but FlashFXP doesn't write in the log what is really sent on the network
I used a packet sniffer to check the packets, and it's really the client IP (computer running flashFXP) which is sent in the PORT command, not the other server IP.

I tryed the transfer with 2 telnet prompts, writing the correct commands by hand, and the transfer worked, so I don't think my packets are modified by windows or an other software, nor are blocked in any way, FlashFXP is really not sending what it says.

I hope somebody will be able to understand my english...
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