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OK, I tried 3.0.2 b 1044
And, yes, it fixed the problem in the example I mentioned above. But still there are lots of problems exist about this issue.

For example:
CWD %f

If the %f point a directory like this : a%da
ffxp will prompt for the %d, but in fact, it's just a string in the directory name.

Another example:
rnfr %d[Name of Dir/File]
rnto a

If you input a directory name for the %d like this: a%da, ffxp will ask you again for the %d in the name a%da. Actually, a%da is just a name of the directory name.

So, my suggestion about this issue is that we should be able to customize Command Tokens and save it to ffxp's ini file. (for example, we can choose %%f to replace %f)
Or, change ffxp to override % by %%. (That means, if %% is found, it become the char %. But if only % is found, it become the lead char for the command tokens .)

Thanks a lot for thinking about this issue!
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