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Default Flashfxp hangs (list)

* FlashFXP v[3].[ ], build [1015], [ ]registered, [X]unregistered, [ ]pirated
* OS [ ] WinXP SP2, [X] Win2K, [ ] Win98, [ ] WinME, [ ] Other
* Running behind NAT/router [ ] Yes & Model [ ], [ ] No, [ ] Not sure
* Running firewall [X] Yes, Name [Dlink hardware firewall], Ver. [ ], or [ ] No
* Running Antivirus [X] Yes, Name [F-Secure] or [ ] No
* Network [X] xDSL, [ ] CABLE, [ ] Dail-Up, [ ] Other


I have a problem when I connect to a ftp server. (all ftp servers)
The program connects to the server but when it should list the directory, then it hangs.

[L] Connecting to xxxxx -> PORT=21
[L] Connected to xxxxx
[L] 220 nt05 Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0).
[L] USER xxxxx
[L] 331 Password required for xxxxx.
[L] PASS (hidden)
[L] 230 User xxxxx logged in.
[L] 215 Windows_NT version 5.0
[L] 500 'FEAT': command not understood
[L] 257 "/srv0230" is current directory.
[L] 200 Type set to A.
[L] 227 Entering Passive Mode (xx,xxx,xx,xx,xx,185).
[L] Opening data connection IP: PORT: 3257
[L] LIST -al
[L] 125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting.
[L] 226 Transfer complete.

Now it hangs, sometimes it will list the directory but when I then goto a sub dir, then it hangs.
I have tryed with and without useing passive mode.

Other ftp programs runs fine....

Damn I hope this problem can be solved, I saw this incredible ftp program a my frinds house. and I want to buy a copy myself if I get it working.

BTW. "My WinXP is with SP2"

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