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Default skip liat bug at least from 1015

No matter what I do, flashfxp wil not skip 0 byte files marked "missing" on the end of it.. for instance;

ddgg29.rar-missing << 0 byte file never marks in red and will transfer everytime all the time.. this is really pissing me off. I did not "steal" flash, I bought a license for it..

I am about to switch to another program to be honest.. its a real pain in the ass.. my info;

* FlashFXP v[3. ].[0 ], build [1015 to 1039 ], registered

* OS=WinXPSP2, Running behind NAT/router [ NO] * Running firewall [ Yes] Yes, Name [ZA PRO ], Ver. [51.033 ], * Running Antivirus YES [ Mcafee enterprise] * Network CABLEMODEM
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