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Default Launching FFXP from command

New to the forum (but not to FFXP, using it for the last 2 years).
In order for FFXP to interact properly with F-secure (I am trying to tunnel my FTP traffic through SSH for security purposes), I need to start FFXP with a command line. This is pretty easy.
But (of course, there is a but..), on my machine, FFXP is installed in the Programs\FlashFxp directory and all my settings (ini and bookmarks mainly) are stored away in a Document\FlashFxp directory.
I know this seems to be complicated, but believe me, when it comes to backup, it far easier to backup the Document dir (with settings for all my soft as well as docs) instead of the whole drive and Programs directories (containing stuf I can reinstall no prob).
The question:
Is there a way to tell FlashFXP to launch from Programs\FlashFxp using the ini and data in Document\FlashFxp ?
I tried the obvious and the less obvious (like pointing to a shortcut.. to no results..)
If not... well... could that be implemented ??
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