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Default some bugs

i just noticed that i have an errorlog.txt in my ffxp dir.

2004-10-07 00:40:21
Version: 3.0 (build 1038)
Compiled on: okt 1, 2004
Uptime: 49 minutes 44 seconds / FlashFXP: 29 minutes 53 seconds
Object class: TFrmCert
Object Name: FrmCert
Access violation at address 0057D596 in module 'flashfxp.exe'. Read of address 0000000C

and in an earlier thread i posted this other one that havent got any respond also build 1038. this happened when the transfer finished and it disconnected from the sites, and after a while i rightclick on the tray icon and chose exit.

and this one ive noticed in 1038 and 1039:
the queue info doesnt show size on folders, only files even if flashfxp got the size of the folder.

see attached screenshot.

systeminfo, winxp pro with sp2, zonealarm pro 4.5, kasperskys antivirus 5.0, p4 2.4 and 512mb ram. guess thats it.
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