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Default 1039: find bug?

b1039 / win2k sp4

In build 1038 when using the new custom find dialog on an ftp, when clicking the 'find next' it would continue to work its way down the folder/file list, highlighting all the matches as you continued to click find next.

In build 1039 this seems to have stopped, the find will now only find and highlight the upper most match, when clicking the find next simply nothing happens, it finds the first and then the dialog disappears.

Now, if i hit ctrl+f then hit find next again, it will again just find the first match, however the info bar will update, and say that there are now 2 files selected. I continued to hit ctrl+f and find next over and over with the same result. Each time it simply rehighlights the first match and the dialog disappears again.

The info bar now says "0 folders, 8 files, 8 total, 44 selected (16,688 bytes)" Which is obviously wrong.

Hmm, so i guess this could be two bugs (or two behaviors created by the same bug?), the info line is incorrectly being updated, and the find dialog is unable to correctly find and handle multiple results as it did in build 1038.

Will provide any other info or screen shots and so on if needed.
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