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Alright thanks for that bit of info. What I guess I will do for now, is just make an entry in the quick.list using a common options string. Then if the user needs to change the site options (pasv/etc), I'll have them do it manually via FlashFXP.

I should mention though; when I tested making a manual que, by loading in the 'Restore Que' window the que I made by making a quick.dat entry called test (in the square brackets--> [test]) and then referencing it in the queue as test; everything seemed to connect and transfer fine. So I'm wondering if this is fluke or if it was somehow fixed since the last time you tested it?

Hmm, never realized FlashFXP was written in Delphi, lol. I hope the .NET System.DateTime is a good enough "migration type" that FlashFXP won't break.

Thanks again for the help so far.

//edit: One more quick question, for the 2 numbers before the site entry (seperated by ASCII (1)) .. I've figured out the second digit is the destination (3 = local, assuming 1 = left fxp, 2 = right fxp). In terms of the first digit, from what I can tell, its the order it was queued? If i were to queue a folder, it becomes 0. When FlashFXP reads the folder and then goes on to queue the contents of that directory, all the files become 0 as well. If I would of queued a second folder, it would have become 1? Thanks.
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