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Default Instance Manager

Hello there, i don't believe i have seen a request for something such as a central FlashFXP window where when you have a lot of flashfxp windows open it doesn't fill up the taskbar. Maybe have the exe detect itself, if running, add a tab to a manager window easily accessible on the toolbar for instance or in the menu. almost like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop does for multiple documents being opened, but not that gay something like the Site Manager but for instances of FlashFXP with connection info or thumbnails. i know MS will probably do something with Longhorn where applications will no longer fill up the taskbar such as what they did in XP and the group similar applications together but that is still annoying as it only works once you have run out of room on your taskbar and Longhorn is still 2 years away or something. You got time also, when you minimize FlashFXP to the tasktray and you have lets say 5 instances running, boy does it look bad when there are 5 FlashFXP icons in the tasktray centralize that tasktray icon to give instance options on right_click for instance.

To summarize:

1. Instance Manager. Central window for all instances of FlashFXP that are open for easy statistic gathering and switching.

I'm only getting warmed up, you might have to hire another developer or two once i come up with more suggestions

And another thing, you gotta advertise a lot more, get yourself on that client list for UTF-8 and Mode-Z on RaidenFTPd's site. advertise with google or something, you got a great client here. keep up the good work. Ok, so i didn't search before posting about mode-z so i removed it from my post, it is 2am, so sue me

you guys already made good points in this thread:
dang, it won't remove Mode-Z from the thread title now...

Man, i ramble on too much hehe.
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