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Default High load on explorer.exe when transferring

Running windows xp with latest sp2 and all available updates.
Running norton antivirus 2004 which shouldnt affect anything.
Zonealarm pro 4.5 fully configurated no problems at all with it.
flashfxp 3.0 build 1031.
P4 2.4ghz, 512mb ram

I did not notice this behaviour with version 2.1
If this occured with the earlier versions of 3.0 i dont know since this is the first time ive seen this.

The problem is that whenever i fxp explorer.exe uses 38-40% cpu.
Doesnt matter if its ssl-nonssl or nonssl-nonssl still the same.
This only happens when i hit the transfer button. If i idle on 2 sites the cpu stays at 0%.

If i download to my drive explorer.exe uses 80-90% cpu, ssl or nonssl same behaviour.
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