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Default looses connection after 10 min..

hi, i am one of ur customers who have flashfxp and im havin some
> problems whit it..
> and thats why im writing for help.
> i use it to ftp between my xbox and pc and when i start xbox and fxp i
> need to connect and then disconnect and then RECONNECT before it makes
> contact betwenn the two..
> thats not actually a real big problem- THIS IS: i cant send files bigger
> then 500 mb ..
> if i do that it seems like it loses connection after 500 mb or ten
> minutes..
> this is a big problem for me..
> but if i skip the switch i have between pc and xbox it can do bigger
> files..
> any of u have an solution on this problem??
> is the switch f+++ing up or is it something i can do in the fxp settings?
> any solutions if it is the switch?
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