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Default http url's

This might be something that's just too minor or obscure or whatever, but it's something that I encounter pretty much every day.

I upload files to a shell via ftp, using flash, and then link people to them via http. I do it all the time, for an image I want to show somebody, for an mp3, whatever. I've got tons of files stored there, in various folders etc.

But suppose i have just uploaded wtf.jpg to and now I want to link somebody that I'm talking to on AIM or whatever to it. The link will be

To get that, I can right-click on the file & choose "copy URL", say "no" to the pop-up, and then paste the above ftp address into notepad, overwrite the whole beginning part with , copy the resultant address, and then paste it into AIM & send it to them.

I have to do this every time, because I don't allow people to just browse my directories via http. So if I want to link them to several different files, it's a big hassle.

It'd be really nice if, in the site manager, I could designate an "http url" or something... in other words, it would have an entry field "http prefix" and I could enter "" (or, on another shell, maybe "" , for instance) and also a field "webroot path" or the like, where I'd enter "/", and a checkbox asking if I'd like to substitute the http version of URL's for that site.

So then I could rightclick on and choose "copy URL" and it'd substitute for -- so I'd end up with, and I could paste it directly into AIM. There'd be no need for the "insert user/pass" dialog in most cases... could have a separate option for that maybe, with separate http user/pass entry fields, so that if the "use http url" option was checked, and the "insert user/pass" option checked, then it'd insert the htaccess info or whatever.

Nobody but me has ftp access to my shell, so the current "copy URL" option doesn't really help me much.

Anyway, I don't know how often this issue affects anybody else, so maybe it's totally unimportant. For me, though, it comes up constantly, so maybe other people have this frustration as well.
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