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I believe that different colour tray icons as mentioned would be excellent.

I have Flash set to alert me with a "Connected" sound upon connection, and keep most copies of FlashFXP running in the tray.

To be able to instantly see which ones are connected/not connected/downloading from the tray would be great.

Whilst on this subject, I have another feature which I have always thought would be useful for the tray. That would be to be able to use the "speed limit" option directly by right-clicking on the tray icon. Anyone else think this would be useful?

In fact, just being able to right-click the tray icon and state "obey speed limit" would be useful. I don't have a slow 56K connection any more; but when I did I wanted Flash to download at a slower rate whilst browsing the net, and then reset to normal speed when I didn't need the bandwidth so much.
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