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The fact that a firewall is being used makes everything much more complicated. A firewall can send you on a wild goose chase looking for bugs that don't exist.

One never really knows what to expect when a software firewall denies access to the application.

I don't know if this will work however it's worth a shot. Depending on how smart (or dumb) your firewall is you can try renaming the FlashFXP.exe to something else, say MyFXP.exe. It might be possible to trick the firewall into allowing access or at least allowing you to re-configure access to FlashFXP.

In order for us to provide you with additional support you need to do the following

1. Insure your firewall is properly configured to allow FlashFXP access to the internet. (There should be a firewall log or report somewhere showing whether or not access is allowed or denied)

2. Uninstall your firewall.
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