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Default FlashFXP v3.0.1 Build 1030 BETA Released! (Registered Users Only)

You may download this update via LiveUpdate. You must choose "Check for new version/Options", and set FlashFXP to receive Beta releases to receive this update. This is a registered users only update. Do not release this to the general public.

This release is not availible via the customer Portal, Please use LiveUpdate

FlashFXP v3.0.1 Build 1030 - 09/05/2004

CHG: Small improvements to Local Browser.
FIX: Fixed multiple selection bug in Restore Queue dialog.
FIX: Eliminated delay on closing remote dropdown box after making a selection.
CHG: Added some extra handling in an attempt to handle "550 Active transfer in process, terminate transfer with ABOR before proceeding." errors.
CHG: I came up with a new method of converting the ftp status text into richtext (RTF) for display in the internal editor; a huge speed improvement over the old way.
CHG: Fixed tabstop order in the CHMOD dialog.
CHG: Improved IP-NAT detection and handling when performing site to site transfers.
FIX: When using "Transfer As" the Cancel button will no longer transfer any previously queued files.
FIX: A graphical glitch in progressbar on the "Calculate FTP Space Used" Dialog.

FlashFXP v3.0.1 Build 1022 - 08/17/2004

FIX: I completely rewrote the bookmark menu routine to resolve a new bug created by my previous fix.
FIX: The popup welcome message window now uses the correct text colors.
FIX: After aborting a file edit/view the temporary file was not properly deleted on exit.
FIX: Resolved bug that prevented accessing network drives under some configurations. (i.e. novell network shares)
FIX: The site import failed to update the notes field to the new format when importing sites from older versions of FlashFXP.
CHG: Improved the resource consumption by dynamically managing the custom command and site list menus.
FIX: Fixed retry delay bug when loading a fxp queue and the first site failed to login. i.e. site1(login error), site2(logged in), immediately tried site1 again without using the proper retry delay.
FIX: When you delete the last item in the queue the itemindex becomes -1 preventing you from pressing the up arrow.
FIX: Prior to each file transfer the SIZE command is issued to determine if the file still exists and the current size, However on failure an error message appears the statusbar that should of been suppressed.
FIX: In some cases the right drop down path box was being incorrectly selected when using old style tab stops.
CHG: The two text file site import formats now support importing from unicode type text files.
FIX: Ctrl + auto resize bug
FIX: drawing bug in filter / favorites list after selecting a custom color.
CHG: Improved interval precision sending noops "Send noop during transfer".
CHG: Improved FTP error handling while using "Send noop during transfer".
CHG: The internal text editor find feature now supports searching in the up direction.
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