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Default Windows builtin scheduler

>>so instead of command line "at", why don't you use windows' builtin scheduler?

I thought about that.

The Windows scheduler could kick off ffxp at certain times and days... If I was going to be gone for the weekend/vacation and wanted it to run 4 days in a row ... I could tell it to start it and schedule it for each day (F, Sa, Su) (not knowing whether the transfers had finished or not). I think I will have to look at any batch features I was too lazy to RTFM to see

ffxp feature:Internal Schedule (Transfer or Stop a queue at a specific time). <-- This is good for ONE day and you set it up on the spot correct?

ffxp feature:Automatically reconnect and resume a transfer from where it left off if the connection is lost or no data is received for a specified period of time. <-- I will have to check. I thought it always asks if you want to resume on the reconnect. If I would KILL the process at a certain time of the morning I wouldn't be there to say yes on the reconnect. And of course if I somehow kill the whole ffxp process when I'm not there I'll have to see if ffxp considers that "lost."

Guess I need to investigate more. Bad me.

I'm sure others probably had my problem and have simple solutions that I didn't see while browsing the forums....

I must be flashfxp forum search impaired

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